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About Us

Meet Osi

The Heartbeat of Osi Body Fit’s Summerlin Fitness Classes!

Making her grand entrance in 2021, Osnat Leeb, or Osi as she is affectionately called, burst onto Las Vegas’s women’s fitness scene with a vision. A vision that involved guiding an army of women through the invigorating process of body transformation. Osi’s reputation, fortified by a glittering array of commendations, including the prestigious 2022 Gold Winner title in Best of Las Vegas, shone brightly among the constellation of Summerlin fitness classes.

Delving into her roots, Osi’s military background served as an emblem of ironclad discipline and resilience. It was this recovered strength that imbued life into Osi Body Fit’s personalized fitness programs, creating a distinctive blend of vigor and precision that went beyond the run-of-the-mill typical “workout classes near me”.

Personal Training

Customized workouts to maximize your fitness results.

Personalized fitness routines

Aerobic & Cardio Training

Exciting sessions designed for heart health and stamina.

CrossFit training Las Vegas
Body transformation coaches

Weight Training

Sculpting sessions for effective muscle building.

HIIT training programs LV

Weight Loss Plans

Strategic and comprehensive approach to weight management.

Bootcamp style training LV

Discover Fitness Excellence with Osi Body Fit at Tivoli Village

But why Tivoli Village? For Osi, choosing a location was about more than just space. It was about finding a neighborhood that resonated with her ambition to evoke a sense of community in fitness. Tivoli Village, with its irresistible charm and vibrancy, proved to be the perfect backdrop for her revolutionizing group fitness classes and circuit training exercises.

At the end of the day, what fuels Osi’s irrevocable passion is seeing the impact of her work painted on her clients’ faces – the wide-eyed astonishment as they witness their body transformations, and the spark of self-love that lights up their eyes. Nothing compares to the satisfaction of knowing that she has had a part in this journey of growth and renewal, which is precisely what continues to drive Osi’s commitment, making Osi Body Fit more than just a gym – it’s a solace in the buzzing city of Las Vegas.