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    Juan V Lopez
    Juan V Lopez
    November 9, 2023
    Osi Body Fit has been a transformative experience for myself and my wife. The group fitness classes are challenging and the community is very encouraging. Osi is very supportive, smart and knowledgable. Her expertise shines through. My wife couldn't be happier with her progress!
    Tom F
    Tom F
    September 12, 2023
    Osi body fit does not disappoint. its has the best group fitness classes in Las Vegas that I have ever tried. Osi is a virtuoso at core training and strengthening muscles through well thought out and proven exercises. dont just take my word for it you have to experience a HIIT class and see for yourself. the classes have all different skill levels from beginners to advanced. I would definitely recommend!
    Dena Hoelzle
    Dena Hoelzle
    August 31, 2023
    I can not say enough about Osi Bodyfit!! I found Osi by her reviews online. From the moment I walked into her gym I knew it was exactly where I wanted to be to get my body in shape. Not only is Osi and her staff amazing, everyone at the gym is amazing! They all welcome you as if they have known you forever! My big concern about finding a trainer was that I have a hip tear that I was told will need surgery. I was in a lot of pain. Knowing if I built the muscle around it I can avoid the surgery. Expressing my health concerns, Osi was so knowledgeable and willing to get me where I wanted to be! She is really hands on with form and doing everything correctly!!! Let me tell you, my hip has never felt better! I have no pain! On top of my body looking so different in one month! We did pictures the first day, than to see the transformation after a month is incredible! Needless to say I’m addicted to working out with Osi and her team! Her gym is truly the best!!!
    James Weltman
    James Weltman
    June 9, 2023
    If you're looking for a fitness center that can help you achieve your fitness goals, look no further than Osibodyfit! As someone who has experienced firsthand the incredible benefits of training at this center, I can confidently say that the team at Osibodyfit is truly outstanding. Osi, the owner and lead trainer, is nothing short of incredible. Not only is she incredibly motivating, but her vast knowledge of fitness and nutrition makes her a true asset to anyone looking to improve their overall health and wellness. The other trainers at the gym are also exceptional, providing personalized attention and guidance during every session. Since joining Osibodyfit, I have seen noticeable changes to my body, including increased muscle tone and definition. But the benefits don't stop there - my energy levels have improved significantly, and I've even experienced relief from back pain, as a result of my training. Overall, I can't recommend Osibodyfit enough. Though I was initially hesitant to join a fitness center, I'm grateful that I took the leap and decided to train with Osi and her team. If you're looking for a supportive, effective, and results-driven fitness center, look no further than Osibodyfit!
    Richard Cottiero
    Richard Cottiero
    May 16, 2023
    My trainer Daniel is awesome. I am hitting a golf ball 25 yards farther since starting training at Osibodyfit.
    Lauren Z
    Lauren Z
    May 15, 2023
    If there’s something I’ve always hated it was working out. Like seriously hated it, couldn’t stick with it and always made so many excuses why not to go to the gym. But, since I’ve started coming to this studio something has changed with me and now weirdly enough I can’t wait for my next class coming here. This is seriously the best studio in town! Osi and her team are so professional, and fun that every class feels by the end of it like it’s only been 5 minutes. My body is in its best shape and look and I’m actually enjoying myself! Couldn’t recommend enough!
    Lucy Weiser
    Lucy Weiser
    May 15, 2023
    OsiBodyFit changed my life. I came to Osi after having 2 babies and feeling very discouraged with the way I looked and my fitness level or lack there of. I met with Osi and she was sure she could help me and that I will feel stronger , healthier , and see massive results when working with her. She was 100% correct. Honestly , I am in shock, it has been 11 weeks since I started with Osi and I feel stronger , I feel healthier , I look so much better and everyone around me notices such a difference! Osi is incredibly patient and has tremendous knowledge and expertise when it comes to personal training and strength training in particular. I had pretty significant Diastasis Recti and Osi patiently and diligently worked with me , curated personalized workouts that would strengthen my damaged core from my pregnancies while also strengthening my entire body. Osi doesn’t just have you do exercises that she sets out for you, she is actively involved and hyper focused on your technique, making sure that you are performing every exercise perfectly right so that the appropriate muscles are being utilized and strengthened. It has been a hard 11 weeks for me , it has taken serious discipline that I didn’t even know I had , but Osi makes you want to come back for more , no matter how hard she pushes you. I am mentally , physically and emotionally in a stronger and healthier place and I can’t thank Osi enough.
    May 12, 2023
    Osi is an outstanding personal trainer! She is an expert in teaching proper form, making sure that my workouts are safe and effective. The facility itself is modern, clean, and spacious, providing an optimal setting for training. Highly recommended for anyone seeking to enhance their fitness experience!
    Mayra Jones-Betancourt
    Mayra Jones-Betancourt
    May 10, 2023
    Osi has been great. She connected me with trainers to help me achieve my goals. She is dedicated to her clients and has great trainers that lead her classes and do personal training. I would recommend this gym to anyone.
    Micky S
    Micky S
    December 22, 2022
    Let me tell you - this is a POWERHOUSE of energy and motivation. Osi & Daniel are not only BY FAR the most experienced personal trainers I've ever met - they are also a fantastic pushers 🙂 they will push you to your limits and get the animal out of you. Daniel is a high-level professional athlete and he knows every single muscle in the body. Osi is a 15+ years personal trainer that worked with thousand of people (she also gives corporate classes). These guys will explain to you recovery time, nutrition, life-style and everything you need to be the best version of yourself. I should mention, this is not me talking - this is the endorphins from my workout today lol 🙂 Are you ready to change your body, and better yet - your life - for the better? Sign up to this amazing place. Don't wait a second.
    las vegas inbody machine assessment

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    One InBody Fitness Assessment:

    • Receive a comprehensive analysis of your body composition.
    • Gain insights into your muscle mass, body fat percentage, and water balance.
    • Understand your Basal Metabolic Rate to tailor your fitness plan.
    • Set actionable and realistic fitness goals with professional advice.
    • Benefit from a thorough consultation to interpret your InBody results.
    • Use your InBody results to track progress and make informed fitness decisions.

    What Sets Osi Body Fit Apart

    At Osi Body Fit, we’re not just about exercise; we’re about creating a personalized fitness experience that aligns with your individual goals and lifestyle. Our Summerlin group fitness classes and InBody assessments offer a holistic approach to your health journey. With cutting-edge technology and expert-led instruction, we ensure that every workout is impactful, every assessment is insightful, and every member feels valued.

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    How InBody Testing Works

    What is the InBody machine, and how does it work?

    The InBody machine is a medical-grade device that uses bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) to measure various components of body composition, including muscle mass, body fat percentage, and water balance. It works by sending a low-level electrical current through the body, which provides detailed data about your body’s composition.

    Is the InBody test safe?

    Yes, the InBody test is safe. The electrical current used is very low and non-invasive, making it safe for most individuals, including those with pacemakers. It’s important to follow any instructions provided by the testing facility to ensure safety.

    How long does an InBody test take?

    An InBody test typically takes just a few minutes to complete. It’s a quick and convenient way to gather valuable data about your body composition.

    What can I learn from the InBody test?

    The InBody test provides insights into various aspects of your health and fitness, including muscle mass, body fat percentage, water balance, basal metabolic rate (BMR), and more. This information can help you tailor your fitness and nutrition plans to meet your specific goals.

    Who can benefit from an InBody test?

    Anyone looking to improve their fitness, track their progress, or gain a better understanding of their body composition can benefit from an InBody test. It’s useful for individuals of all fitness levels, from beginners to athletes.

    How often should I get an InBody test?

    The frequency of InBody tests can vary depending on your goals. Some people choose to have them regularly, such as every few months, to track progress. Others may opt for occasional assessments to check in on their fitness journey.

    Do I need to prepare for an InBody test?

    To get the most accurate results, it’s advisable to avoid eating a large meal, exercising vigorously, or consuming caffeine or alcohol shortly before the test. It’s also recommended to wear lightweight clothing and remove any metal objects, such as jewelry.

    Can the InBody test help with weight loss or muscle gain goals?

    Yes, the InBody test can be a valuable tool for individuals with weight loss or muscle gain goals. By providing data on your body composition, it allows you to make informed decisions about your fitness and nutrition strategies to achieve your desired outcomes.

    How can I interpret my InBody results?

    Your InBody results are typically accompanied by a consultation with one of our professional certified personal trainers who can help you interpret the data. They can provide insights into your progress, suggest areas for improvement, and assist in setting realistic fitness goals.