Private Gyms In Las Vegas , How Osi Body Fit Offers a Unique Experience

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At Osi Body Fit, we offer a unique fitness experience in Las Vegas with personalized programs, luxurious amenities, and exclusive private workout spaces. Compared to other private gyms, we stand out for our state-of-the-art equipment, expert trainers, and holistic wellness services. Conveniently located in Summerlin, we provide a comprehensive and supportive environment for achieving your fitness goals.

Discover the Osi Body Fit Difference

Discover the Osi Body Fit Difference

Isn’t it time you experienced a fitness center that truly understands your needs and goals? At Osi Body Fit, we are committed to providing an unparalleled fitness experience tailored just for you. Our unique blend of personalized programs, luxurious amenities, and exclusive private workout spaces sets us apart from other gyms in Las Vegas.

From the moment you step through our doors, you’ll notice the Osi Body Fit difference. Our state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technology are designed to maximize your workout efficiency, while our team of expert trainers offers personalized guidance and support. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just beginning your fitness journey, we create bespoke fitness plans that evolve with your progress.

Beyond physical training, we offer a holistic approach to wellness. Benefit from our nutrition packages, which are crafted to complement your fitness regimen and support your overall health goals. Our InBody testing provides precise insights into your body composition, allowing for more accurate tracking and adjustments to your fitness plan.

Our commitment to safety and cleanliness ensures a worry-free environment where you can focus entirely on your health goals. Located conveniently in Summerlin, Las Vegas, we provide easy access for local residents and visitors alike.

Personal Training Sessions That Include True Privacy Which Other Gyms In Las Vegas Don’t Offer

Personal Training Sessions That Include True Privacy Which Other Gyms In Las Vegas Don’t Offer

Many of my clients over the years have requested a setting in which they could have private training sessions that are closed off to the public.  When you book your one-on-one private sessions with either myself or one of my talented trainers the entire facility is at your fingertips.   

A Comparative Look On Osi Body Fit vs. Other Private Gyms

Are you curious about how Osi Body Fit stands out among private gyms in Las Vegas? Let’s take a comparative look to uncover the unique features and advantages that make Osi Body Fit the preferred choice for many fitness enthusiasts.

Feature Osi Body Fit Other Private Gyms
Personalized Training Customized one-on-one sessions with expert trainers Standardized group classes or basic personal training
Fitness Technology State-of-the-art equipment including advanced cardio machines and InBody testing Often outdated equipment with limited fitness technology
Wellness Programs Comprehensive nutrition packages tailored to individual health goals Generic nutrition advice with less customization
Environment Exclusive, private workout not open to the public designed for comfort and efficiency Crowded or less personalized workout areas
Member Benefits Holistic approach to fitness, regular health assessments, and progress tracking Basic membership benefits without ongoing assessments
Location Conveniently located in Summerlin’s Tivoli Village with easy access and ample parking Variable accessibility and often limited parking options


As you can see, Osi Body Fit is not just another gym. It’s a destination where your personal fitness goals are met with exceptional care and state-of-the-art facilities. We are about achieving optimal wellness and enjoying the journey in a supportive, upscale environment.

Meet Our Elite Team of Fitness Experts

At Osi Body Fit, each trainer brings a unique set of skills and an exceptional dedication to the art of fitness, making personal growth and achievement not just goals but realities for our members.

Let me introduce you to the elite team of curated personal trainers behind Osi Body Fit.

Osnat “Osi” Leeb

As the founder of Osi Body Fit, my mission has always been to blend the structured rigor of military discipline with a nuanced understanding of women’s fitness needs. This approach has cultivated a dynamic and empowering environment at our center, one that has been recognized as among the best in Las Vegas. My commitment to this vision continues to drive the excellence we strive for every day.



Preston combines his extensive knowledge in kinesiology with a passion for sports performance to design challenging and effective workouts. His approach is both scientific and engaging, helping members surpass their expectations and achieve new fitness milestones.



Molly’s approach to fitness is deeply influenced by her 18 years of experience in nutrition and lifestyle coaching. She excels at crafting personalized fitness plans that are not only effective but sustainable, focusing on long-term health and well-being.

Every session with our trainers at Osi Body Fit enriches your health and empowers your journey, continuously nurturing a culture of fitness and personal achievement.

Enjoy Private, Intimate Workout Spaces

At Osi Body Fit, located in the prestigious Tivoli Village in Summerlin, our boutique gym is distinguished by its privacy and exclusivity. As one of the few private gyms in Las Vegas, Osi Body Fit offers a unique one-on-one training experience that is completely closed to the public. This level of exclusivity ensures that our clients can focus entirely on their workouts without distractions.

Each training session at our gym is tailored to meet the individual needs of our members, who include C-suite executives and celebrities seeking a private environment. They benefit from having dedicated access to all our top-tier equipment during their sessions, ensuring a truly personalized and efficient fitness experience.

Osi Body Fit is committed to maintaining the highest standards of privacy and personalized care, positioning us as more than just a gym. Here, you can safely and comfortably achieve your health and fitness goals with complete confidence, knowing that your workout environment is as committed to your personal wellness as you are.

Flexible Membership Plans to Suit Your Needs

Flexible Membership Plans to Suit Your Needs

Osi Body Fit offers a spectrum of membership plans designed to accommodate the diverse schedules, preferences, and fitness goals of our clientele. Understanding that flexibility is key to maintaining a consistent workout regimen, our packages are crafted to offer varying levels of access and personalization.

Members can choose from several tiers of membership, each offering distinct benefits. From unlimited access to our state-of-the-art equipment and one-on-one sessions with our expert trainers to more basic options that still provide comprehensive access to our fitness facilities at preferred times, there is a plan suited for every lifestyle and fitness level.

For those whose schedules demand the utmost flexibility, we also offer bespoke memberships that can be tailored to include early morning or late evening access, as well as the ability to work with multiple trainers. We understand the importance of a regimen that adapts to your personal and professional life, enabling you to achieve and maintain your fitness goals in a way that feels seamless and stress-free.

We believe that your gym experience should be as unique as your personal health journey. We’re committed to providing a variety of membership options that help you live your best life, on your terms.

Connect With A Like-Minded Fitness Community

Our community is more than just a gym—it’s a vibrant hub where fitness and friendship intersect. Here, members form meaningful connections, sharing their journeys and celebrating each other’s successes.

  • Networking Opportunities — Meet individuals who share your commitment to fitness and well-being. Our gym provides a perfect setting for building relationships with like-minded fitness enthusiasts, offering networking events that bring together professionals and fitness lovers.
  • Shared Experiences — Engage in group workouts and fitness challenges that foster camaraderie. These shared activities not only improve your physical health but also build a sense of community as you work towards common goals with fellow members.
  • Supportive Environment — Gain motivation and support from peers who understand the ups and downs of fitness goals. This supportive network is key for maintaining long-term commitment and achieving sustained results, providing encouragement and advice when you need it most.
  • Community Events — Participate in exclusive member events that encourage social interaction and mutual support. From wellness workshops to fitness competitions, these gatherings are designed to enhance your fitness journey and integrate social fun into your health routine.

At Osi Body Fit, our gym transcends the traditional workout space to become a lively community hub where every exercise session is a chance to connect with others, share personal triumphs and challenges, and collectively grow stronger. Here, each member contributes to a dynamic environment, enriching both their own lives and the lives of their fellow members as we all strive together toward optimal health and wellness.

Prime Location in Summerlin for Easy Access

Prime Location in Summerlin for Easy Access

At Osi Body Fit, our location in the vibrant Summerlin district of Las Vegas ensures seamless accessibility for both local residents and visitors. Nestled in a bustling and luxurious Tivoli Village, our facility is a convenient fitness oasis, making it effortless for anyone to join our exclusive fitness community. Easy to reach by various modes of transportation, our prime spot ensures that integrating fitness into your daily routine is as straightforward as possible.

This prime location enhances the unique fitness experience that Osi Body Fit offers. Beyond our private, tailored training sessions and our supportive, community-driven environment, the ease of access stands out as a key feature that makes us a top choice for anyone seeking a private gym in Tivoli Village, Las Vegas. Here, the combination of accessibility, privacy, and quality forms the core of the Osi Body Fit experience, setting us apart in the bustling landscape of Las Vegas wellness.

To explore more about how Osi Body Fit can transform your fitness journey in Las Vegas with our unique and private gym experience, we invite you to reach out to us. Connect with us today through our contact page and discover the Osi Body Fit difference that so many have already begun to enjoy. Your elite fitness experience is just a message away!

About Osi Leeb

About Osi Leeb

Osnat Leeb, fondly known as Osi, made an impactful entry into Las Vegas's women’s fitness industry. Her arrival was marked by a clear and compelling vision: to lead and inspire women on their journey of physical transformation. Osi’s approach quickly garnered attention, earning her and her venture, Osi Body Fit, numerous accolades including the prestigious 2022 Gold Winner title in Best of Las Vegas. Her name became synonymous with excellence in the realm of Summerlin fitness classes. Osi Body Fit’s programs are characterized by their energy, precision, and the perfect balance of challenging and tailored workouts, reflecting Osi’s dedication to not just fitness, but transformative lifestyle changes.

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